Tues. – Sat.   9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

  ***Due to Covid 19 we have a few receiving and process changes in our donation area***

* In order to minimize contact, all donations must be in clean, reusable or recyclable containers which are also intended to be left with us, eg: bags, boxes, totes, ect.

                         (We are no longer able to transfer items into totes in order to return  your containers) 

* Due to our limited capacity and new restrictions, we must limit the number of items per donation eg: 4 bags or boxes

         (If you have large items or large number of items for donation please contact us first so we can discuss how to best serve your needs) 

(Based on our volume of donations and available space at any given time, we occasionally are unable to except specific items for short periods of time. eg. books, furniture ect. These are temporary interruptions that are often outside of our control. We do our best to inform our donors as well as we work hard to resume taking the donations. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this times)

* We have created a “Social Distancing”  environment. Please respect the space and instructions of our staff.

* We now must allow all donations to sit for a minimum of 48 hours before processing. This will greatly impact our ability to receive large donations due to our limited space.

                                                               Did you know…?

* We are better able to receive your donations if they are separated into “like items” eg: clothing, kitchen items, books ect.

                      (Glass or sharp items such as knives mixed with clothing are very dangerous to our staff.)

* Due to us not having laundry facilities, donating clean clothes and linen greatly increase the amount of your donation that we can offer to our customers.

* We sell gently used items. Due to our limited waste and recycling, if items are too damaged, dirty or in disrepair, we must refuse them.

* We value and appreciate our customers and donors. Without you we would be unable to operate and offer the services to the community that we do. Thank you for all your support.