Jody’s Corner

Jody’s Corner is our newest division to honor Jody, who was the owner/operator of the Friends Of Haven Thrift Shop for 20 years.

Jody assessed the value of antique and collectible items that were donated by the generous citizens of Nanaimo. Her ability to instantly recognize items of authenticity is remarkable.

Visitors to Jody’s Corner to find items such as:

Beautiful Paintings, Unusual Sculptures and Collectibles, Vintage clothing, Vintage books, Unique Jewellery, Antique furniture etc.

We pay her homage with Jody’s Corner to showcase items such as these that she was responsible for.

The Collectibles in Jody’s Corner are ever changing, so if you can’t make it in, be sure to visit our website for collectible treasures and fine art often.

Here you will find hidden treasures and unusual items on and off the floor of Friends Of Haven Thrift Shop.

If there is one of interest to you, please contact us with the reference number or description of the item.

Nesting Eagle

We are uncertain of the type of stone this stunning sculpture is, but we know it is not soapstone. We do know it is extremely heavy! The dimensions are: 25” L x 10” H. X 12” W

Cedar Mask

Possibly a six nation false face mask made in Cedar. Artist unknown.

Black Mask

Kwak-waka-wakw style mask.

Artist unknown